Things Microsoft has to implement, for making Internet Explorer ‘The’ web browser, once and for all.

  • while installing and after installing under advanced options give the option for users to select the rendering engine. Or perhaps a webkit tab option builtin like the ietab extension for firefox or the chrome frame for ie

  • Or take a leap further and maintain a list which has the details about the load times for a site both in Trident, Webkit and Presto. And use the rendering engine which has the lowest of the load time. And this list should be kept on Microsoft servers/data farms on every country, which will also act as a proxy if needed and by thus compresses and saves data (like Opera Mini) for millions of user base of Windows

  • And a password manager which doesn’t ask for can i save this password stuff. It should first ask this “is it a private pc or public” if its public it should never save any passwords and if its private, it should save every password and should offer no questions asked one click login. And also the option to change from private to public and vice versa under advanced options
  • No need of themes, but offer to change the default blue color of IE to black, red or etc. You know you can change the color of the top most tab like stuff on outlook, i’m talking about something like that. Imagine replacing the blue ie with a black ie. It’d also save power on led displays
  • Automatically run on single process on single core cpu and multiple process on multi core cpu’s utilizing its multi threading capabilities and more on that here

  • Give us a opera like new tab page where we can pin multiple sites and easily go to them via one click without the need to type anything in the url bar

i’m not aware whether how much smooth all these things can be if at all implemented, but hey that doesn’t stop me from telling it. And not now at all since i know that Microsoft is now listing from users like never before for instance the user voice for windows phone etc. If you agree with any of these points above in the blog post, please spread the word. Buffer this page, and let it reach people and thus microsoft, after all i’ve just started blogging and i do need some word of mouth.

-Rat Kutti.

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