Why Microsoft should provide people with a blogging platform

We all know Blogger by Google Inc and WordPress is ruling the blogging world. If one desires to start a blog for him/her self, they have to go with either a x.blogspot.com or an x.wordpress.com. Mostly that’d be the case cause people trying their hand on blogging, won’t register a domain name & hosting for themselves (nor would they self-host from their home pc). So at the end of the day your chances are narrowed. You have to go with either one of those. so dare i say, blogging world is a space waiting to be filled, filled by the good old Microsoft. Microsoft has the money and ability to do that. But the thing is they just don’t see the opportunity they have. If they start one, they might have audiences from the anti-google side. And also they can watch and learn and improvise, cause both the above said platforms has been here for a very long time now. How about integrating SkyDrive storage, Bing to the blog? How about baking it deep into the Microsoft ecosystem? Why don’t you bake it into the Windows Live Writer? Off-course Google fanboys go ahead and laugh at you that you’re following the foot steps of Google, which is actually true cause you should have done it by now. Take a leap of faith, take a survey asking will you switch to or start a blog, if we decide to provide a blogging platform? and check for yourselves. And as per the saying ” strike the iron while its still hot ” goes, do it dear Microsoft while you’re still capable of doing it. After all i’d prefer to blog from http://worldof.blog/ratkutti rather than http://ratkutti.blogspot.com. Register a catchy & apt domain name, and just launch your very own blogging platform. I remember something about windows live spaces, but that is now just redirecting to my outlook inbox. Perhaps its just me but still, pouring my thoughts out is the reason why this blog was given life for.

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