A 6 year old Nokia’s basic 2mp camera blows a Samsumg’s 3.2 camera out to the sea

I always advice people that “don’t buy Samsung only because the mob is buying, learn about the capabilities of the Android and the actual quality of Samsung’s hardware. If you’re interested in trying your hand at photography do understand that its not about the MP size, its about the aperture size, lens type, lens maker, lens assembly technique, ISO limits, algorithm used for the post processing of the digital image taken, sensor size, whether it uses Spot, Center or Matrix types for sensing the light in the scene begin taken, focus range, frames per second limits, types of formats in which the image can be saved (where comes the important possibility of shooting pictures in RAW) etc all matters” but many at times they’d say that i’m making up things 😦 they just don’t know what the hell i’m saying and just think that MP size is the only thing which makes a good camera. This has to change ASAP for the goodness of both Nokia and the photography world in general. By the way speaking of which i happened to travel to the ECR beach day before yesterday, it was in the afternoon and my friend had a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos with him and i was with my Nokia N70 Music Edition. We both shot the scenario of our friends enjoying and hanging out, but the interesting thing is that a 2006 Nokia kicked a 2012 Samsung in the area of imaging. The photos he took looked blured & flushed out due to the noon sunlight in his display (it looked worse even further when looking at it from my pc) where as my Nokia was giving me crystal clear pictures at 68 ISO (offcourse the device won’t show this, i checked the exif data from Picasa). I was moved by the fact that how a 6 year old Nokia is capable of giving a year old Samsung a run for its money.

Here’re some samples which i took from a Nokia N70 [more on my Flickr]

And here’s a sample from the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

And here’s the same taken with a Nokia N70


You can see that the Samsung picture is not perfect when compared to that of Nokia. I’m not able to provide further samples from Samsung due to the fact that those are pictures of my friends who’re concerned about their privacy. But you can take my word, the Samsung looked washed out all throught, and no its not about the dirt in the lense, i checked and verified that the lens is clean.

Now speaking of which i’m recollecting my past experience with a Samsung Galaxy S2 which sucked while i tried to shoot snaps of my buddies during one of my college’s symposium 😦 it absolutely gave back dark/black images from its 8MP sensored camera which is absolutely not usable by any means, yet people praised it and it was 29k! Fml! Get a life people, use your brain and support the maker who actualy manufacturers a usable camera which can even replace your DSLR’s and not the one who just manufacturers just a glass and class it a camera.

The following is a video comparing the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 720 and the latest Blackberry. (If you’re a BB fan please skip this video, since in this video the BB has been raped and ripped off by both the Nokia Lumia’s leaving BB in sheer humiliation. Not only this there’re many more samples to check out on the web)

And not only on the camera aspect, even on the OS side Android sucks. Mobile antivirus makers can only survive with Android cause both iOS and Windows Phone are absolutely safe to its core. The below is a video adtv by Samsung telling that they’re giving away free 50GB of Dropbox storage, the funny thing is that the model portraits that its usefull where he is. Actually he’s sitting on top of a mountain somewhere, where he won’t find a single bar of mobile network nor a wifi, so how useful that 50GB is? Especially in a third world country like India. And another funny thing is that he says that the cover help him protect his device. I know a friend of mine who changed his Samsung Star only to the fact that his dog ripped apart the same cover and those covers are attached to the device itself, its glued. So if something happens to that attached cover, you’re screwed.

There’re people like Baron and many more who all uses Nokia’s various PureView phases to make wonders, there is a whole community devoted to the pureview called Pureview Club go check them. Support the true Imaging lovers, support Nokia, #SwitchtoLumia.

[P.S: This is not a fanboyism post, this is naked truth told. And the video showcased is a work of MyNokiaBlog team and all the photos are copyrighted content & is not for commercial purpose nor you can download them, respect the privacy of others]

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