What’s new in Windows Blue (9364)

The latest & the next iteration of the infamous (actually I’m in love with it, dunno why few guys are hating it) Windows 8, has been leaked named, Windows 8 Pro 9364. There are no details of how & when its gonna get released officially, remember its not a developer/consumer preview, but its just a leak by some anonymous partner of Microsoft windows. Getting a preview for download is possible if Microsoft decides to launch it as a new version of the OS, but seeing the leaked pictures its highly unlikely that something of that sort might happen. It might be a service pack, or just simply a notification in windows update with a description saying “This update gives performance improvements & UI customizations and many more, visit the microsoft.com/xyz to know more”, who knows what plans does Microsoft has on how to get this thing out to the masses. But keeping aside when will it be actually arriving, lets us now know a little on what it’ll bring (might bring, off course) to the table, whenever it gets out officially.

  • ·        Smaller live tiles

  • ·        Swipe down in the metro/modern interface to get to the Apps section

  • ·        Calculator

  • ·        Sound recorder

  • ·        Movie movements

  • ·        Alarm

  • ·        IE 11

  • ·        Tab synchronization across various devices (IE 11)

  • ·        File Manager (SkyDrive)

  • ·        Update Notifications

  • ·        More control on the apps synced between multiple machines, you can now uninstall an App from just one pc or on every pc in the synced connection

  • ·        More features in the Fresh Paint app

  • ·        Picture frame mode

  • ·        IE11 won’t get the CSS hacks since Microsoft has replaced the MSIE   string
  • Mozilla 5.0 User agent like gecko with IE11’s rendering engine Trident at its 7thinstalment
  • Fila Manager app
  • Multitasking view

These are some of the features to be discovered as of yet, since the time of the 32bit version of the Windows Blue got leaked yesterday. As more & more people uses the Blue, more interesting things might be revealed. But for now, these are the things newly offered. BTW after the release of the Pandora app for Windows 8’s mobile counterpart, Joe Belfiore has teased us for yet another new app announcement. My timeline is fully dominated by the news & rants of Windows right now, and it shows people are pretty much interested in Windows 8’s next iteration.

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