Dear Nokia, these can win you the best commercial of the year, well… perhaps!

Nokia should change their advt agency ASAP! well the following is scenario which came up my mind.

 A guy is in the lift, his wife calls him up and reminds to get his as back home as she doesn’t wanna disappoint their kid who has his birthday. The dad rushes back home, the neighbours and friends have gathered and when everything is set, when its time to cut the cake and clebrate, boom! The power goes down and all is left is the candle light and some Galaxy’s and iPhones which is unable to capture the moment in the candle light. The kid gets heartbroken and cries (perhaps its a girl, yes… let the child be a girl) and there comes the dad with a heroic action that puts a smile on the cute little kids face. He takes out his Nokia Lumia 920 and tells them to go on and cut the cake, and the OIS and BSI camera captures the moment with just some candle lights while the iPhones and Galaxy’s go back to the guests pockets and purses.

This will not only engage everyone in a family, but this can happen. I mean this is a real life situation, isn’t! and you can make a new ad from it using the same models, i mean the couple cudling each other on the bed and taking snaps of themselfs all thanks to the Nokia Lumia 720’s wide angled HD front camera. And also use that girl for advertising the Kid’s corner in Windows Phone. And as the dad is a office guy, perhaps do something that pushes the office ready nature of Windows Phone!

And they go for a summer vacation trip, gets lost and the offline maps from Here maps saving their day without any data connectivity. Explore the real life stuffs that can happen and make your adverts more relating to the audience. That can bring you some profit margins some quarter, seriously! Make good ads, Nokia!

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