When i explored the unexplored

Like every other normal teen, i put things at places and i don’t give a f until & unless i needed. Like wise, we long ago thrown two gadgets somewhere and its gone into thin air *boom* its gone.

And since i am a Forever Alone guy, i got bored as i have nothing much to do one Sunday, and i started to explore my room. Yes, my room. It has many secrets and surprises myself yet to discover and experience. And i found my old camera and Walkman. Those days back then was rocking, i was the cool kid around with a walkman and a camera! But now that is not excatly the case anymore though, sadly. But not many has seen a film roll camera and a walkman i suppose, so i thought i will do a tiny post about it so here it goes, not text, its all in the pictures and the video.

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