Coloud Boom – Unboxing and Review [Updated]

First let me get few things straight, this is my first over the ear (Supra Aural) but I have used some quality on ear from Philips along with my Walkman back in the days here. I have always used the headsets which came along the phones and stuffs. I consider myself as a audiophile, will always listen to music with my 5.1 channel Altec Lansing, but when it comes to music on the go I was struck with the normal ones, due to certain factors like money, and the need to explain to my parents that why I need an expensive headset hold me off. You know I live in India where teens live with the support of their parents, no self-funded learning and all. So I have to answer them and convince them before I end up ordering stuffs from the internet. So this is what I was prior to this Boom, I don’t wanna lie that hey I have used Audiotechnica’s, Senheinser, Monster, Sony, JBL, Beats, SkullCandy and all and this Boom beats all those. No! This is my first quality headset, and let me walk through the experience.

First coming to an over the ear type, the immediate noise suppression by the covered  back headset & the weight on the head, was new to me. I mean it was no to this level while using an on ear headset.
The Coloud Boom is striking in yellow, and lets see if it retains the same bright yellow color for years or it eventually fades out. And then after the color coming to the construction, a sturdy metal runs through out the top, which is visible near the cans and covered by the cusion on the over head band, the cans are adjustable and the fit is outstanding and cosy at the same time. I was having my dinner, ran a little, jumped up and down to see how the fit is, and it stayed as it is from the inception of the test, it didn’t move a bit, but at he same time my ears or head didn’t hurt at all, it was comfortable all the time. The cushioning both on the ear and over is comfortable.
The quality now, one word its awesome, even I the songs I have listened over a 100 times (thanks for the stats) I found some new minute details with this headset which was unnoticeable prior with normal headphones. Bass is super awesome, and the terrible and the vocal are equally good too. Not that they are bad, not at all! They are awesome, its just that the bass is even more awesome. Heard some Eminem and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, with the Dolby Mobile in my Lumia set to on, and I got the same effect which I get using my 5.1 channel Altec Lansing. [Update: Guess all are equal even without changing the equaliser, bass is not high than the vocals and stuffs, everything is just perfect]
I would suggest to turn on the Beats (or) Dolby Mobile set to on, and audio levelling set to off, and equaliser set to flat/none (except for beats audio which itself is just a equaliser) to truly hear the sound which the musician created in his/her studio. Equaliser and other stuffs alters how the original music sound!
I had these for hours and I didn’t feel any of the usual stuffs associated with over ears such as heating up of ears, sweating, pain in the head/neck due to over wait, general discomfort whatsoever. I had a great experience overall with this headset. Now I listen to even exotic notes in the same music I used listen to, and the music I will hear is forever changed.
Even 32-64 kbps music files sounded fantastic! Not sure whether it’s the dolby or the headset or the exceptional quality compression by Nokia Music Mobile, but anyways any type of, I mean any bit rated music sounds just fine, 320 CBR sounded the best and followed up by the 160-190 VBR. And most was mp3 and some other formts like rm, AAC, FLAC, Ogg. And again one more suggestion, use Nokia Music Player in PC to truly enjoy all the glory of Nokia Music, really it’s a great service. Nokia Music and Here suite is a deal breaker for me when it comes to mobile platforms.
There are a few things which comes under the cons side though, not everything is perfect, I had few concerns with it which I dunno what will I do with it
First is the quality of the color and the cushioning, what if the color fades and looks ugly and what if the cushioning comes apart? I mean this is not a cons at all, but if it happens eventually within an year of use or so, it will certainly come under cons.
Second is portability! The provided package is not so great idea to carry around this great headset. I still figuring out options how will I take this to my college safely on Monday (writing this on a Saturday, dunno when I will post this, probably soon, today is <!–[if supportFields]> DATE \@ “dddd, dd MMMM yyyy” Saturday, 31 August 2013).
And the final thing is the durability of Zound Lasso over the time, I mean it’s a great concept which along with the tangle free flat wires is great solution for the ever self twisting headphone wires, but the length of the zound lasso is too short for it to work as advertised. I see it’s a bit short and thus ending up bending the tip of the 3.5mm connector a little too much and I am sure on the long run it will damage the end and eventually rendering the headset useless. If the zound lasso is a little bit longer it would be easier, and I would trust it more that it will stay safe.
You can get the Coloud Boom with different color options shipped to you anywhere in the world with a flat $30.00 USD. Just head to

And this is a special post since I got this headset from a special person, no this is not a review unit, this is not a paid product placement, this is just a gift and the review is a out right honest one. And one more reason for this begin special is that I am trying to move out of the google ecosystem completely, vimeo is good, but I just can’t quit YouTube. But moving this blog from Blogger to WordPress. So this might the last post here, but not sure of it, not yet.

I am thinking of taking this headset to my college and any where like this

And the above is the unboxing video, which will be followed by few image samples.

[P.S: And many thanks to my Jimmy from Ireland and Dean from Finland, yes world is a local village now ;)]

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