Amber and its ancestors

I have to admit, i still like Amber and i want it badly, but just wish that the road to the update could have been easier.

I have two Lumia devices namely 520 and 720, 720 begin my daily driver. I am yet to undergo any trouble with 520 whatsoever, but its a whole different story with the 720. Nothing but a pain in the back.

First the OTA didn’t work. I manually searched or the update, it said it found one and i allowed it to download it, and then it started installing it, up to 85% everything was fine, and after that devil gave a visit with all friends.

The process was struck and after a couple of minutes it said it needs to download update right when it was already doing that already! And it ran into a loop, download update, install up to 85% says needs to download updates, and then again installs up to 85% and back to download. I was sick of it and was ready to lose all the app data and went to Nokia Care and flashed.

And after three days i used the speech, i pressed the windows key just to realise that i am yet to install the language pack of my region English (India) for speech to work. I went to the settings, selected the language, around 22MB or so, it said its downloading. Just downloading and no % notification. It was past 10Mins, and i was on WiFi, 22MB won’t take 10Mins to download, so i long pressed in order to pause and resume the download to see if that works. But it took me to the phone update part. And it said checking for updates. It was like that and i just kept the phone aside to see what happens.

After a couple of minutes it said the lang pack is ready to install and it may take 5mins or more to install and i may not be able to use the device while it installs, and the last things i did was to press Install. Then boom! I am officially fked!

The cog wheel was spinning for almost 5 hours! Just spinning. And due to 5 hours uptime my lcd was so hot, the phone was too, guess too much of battery was consumed in unusual amounts. I plugged it into the charger, and it became even hotter. And since its a unibody i decided that the device shouldn’t undergo any more heat or something might get damaged physically. Tried to shut it down via power button, nothing happened! Then did the volume down + power button.

It restarted, showed the Nokia logo and didn’t show the blue WP screen, instead showed the same cog wheel spinning 😦 and its the case ever since. If i on the device the cog wheels spins like its running a fking marathon, device heats up like its the father to the Sun itself. Dunno what i am going to do, this is not the way i visualised Amber dear Nokia. Dissapointed! Wish i might have stayed with its ancestor the GDR1 itself 😦 :/

[P.S: Sorry no screenshots, i never knew these stuffs would happen, so didn’t take one as a evidence]

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