Rechargeable Batteries in Wireless Mouse and Keyboard? Why Not?

I use a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard, which came as a single set. It uses 2.4GHz frequency to Tx & Rx. And the AA size batteries i use are 1.3V. Two AA size is required to run each of the device, which makes it a total of 4 AA batteries to run the set of the mouse and keyboard.


I have to change my batteries quite often as i am a heavy user of my PC. Keyboard lasts several weeks – a month and the mouse for about a week, at times just three days. I am fed up with spending for the batteries! Rechargeble ones are not 1.3v and it’ll eventually not the right alternative.


Dear hardware manufactures, please use a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, like we use in phones. No need of super large batteries. Just tiny ones which lasts a week. And design it in a way that we can charge it once a week as we use via a micro usb.


It’d be of great help, thank you!

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