I entered the world of BitCoin & NFC, & this is why you should do it too.

You know BitCoins? the virtual currency that is all the craze (at least in some parts of the world). Used extensively by the recently caught SlikRoad site, by the way it was a very silly mistake! He should be careful, more careful. And coming back to the point, i started my first bitCoin account & TBH it was fairly easy. Almost like starting a social networking account. Its that simple!

Recently there is talks that there will be soon a bitcoin ATM installed. Bitcoin is getting more popular every passing day and i predict it will grow so large, that it will make the government of USA worried and perhaps change the way currencies are right now. I always wanted a common currency, you know no EUR, USD, YEN, INR and stuffs, just money. Money should be as common as the English language, people can use it in different ways like American English & British English, but at the end of the day it is just English!

You can start off with BitCoins by starting an account in Coinbase, it seems to me that they offer a good enough service, and hell no this ain’t a paid/sponsored post for them. This is just me penning down or perhaps keying down in the qwerty type keyboard about my personal tales.

Once you start an account via mail id, you have to link your phone and enable SMS & 2 factor authentication by verifying your #. After that you have to verify your identity by either giving your SSN if you happen to be in US, or your bank account. Once this is done, you’re ready to roll.

And you have to buy some BitCoins now, and be warned they are not cheap. Give some real world money to get this virtual money. You can even mine your own bitcoins if you have been named Tony Stark, though. Others have no Jarvis level computers to do that, excluding NSA. so we have to stick to the buy via real world money part, for now.

Just try it, i betcha bitcoin will have its peak times! Coming to the later part i have mentioned in the title, NFC! I brought a few NFC tags from ebay, and its freaking 100 bugs for a single piece, off course its rewritable, but still.. If NFC has to really take speeds, the only way is to provide them along with the NFC enabled phones. Like 2 is enough to give the user a taste on how it feels to use NFC.

I use it for different things like check in in to my home, putting phones into fight mode, silence and stuffs. It can be used for many many more applications BTW, just buy two or even just a single NFC tag, once you use both the bit coins and NFC, you won’t see life the same way again. Simple changes, but game changing! You really have to use it or see it at least once in real life to really understand what i am trying to convey.

Links to buy NFC apps:




chart (1)


chart (2)


chart (3)

Links to start an BitCoin account:


chart (4)

Links for NFC tags:


chart (5)

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