My thoughts on improving the Windows Phone 8 GDR3- Editorial

You see, Windows Phone now has a beta app called Glance Background. It allows you to set custom images as the background in your glance screen on top of which Time and Battery status will be shown in GDR3 and also Notifications like say missed calls etc (upto 5 notifications) in Nokia Black update to Nokia Lumia’s which is due around January 2014.

Its nice and easy the way it currently is, but still can be improved a little and I’m gonna share it how it can be done, share this post if you second my thoughts so that Microsoft can hear us. I am thinking of putting this as an idea in the Windows Phone user voice forum, but let me see if this idea is even worth or I am thinking more of an retard.

  • Timed portrait mode like timed glance screen night mode:

You see glance has an option to set a range of time period prior by the user, and the device will do from the usual white to red color. Its known as a night mode, it turns to red because it will be easier on your eyes during the dark night times. Why shouldn’t we apply the same to the portrait option?

Portrait screen locking orientation came in GDR3 which lets you avoid the screen rotating automatically no matter how you’re holding the phone. There is a reason why people use this and there is only one reason to use this as far as I know, during bed time! In bed or a couch or whatever you feel warm & cosy just lying and wasting your life in Twitter & Facebook, this screen orientation is mostly used than any other time. Why not an option to set predefine times to lock the orientation of the phone? That way I can set the time I’d be in the bed (usually around 10-11 PM ) to lock the portrait mode, this will save me the headache to swap the orientation lock controls every single time! The rest of the times in the morning till the evening I don’t use the landscape mode except for viewing photos & YouTube videos.




  • Complete locking of the phone after several attempts of wrong  password

Speaking of security in Windows Phone, its already the most secure OS in the world amongst mobile OS. But imagine that your phone will not open even if the correct password is entered after 5mins of several failed attempts? You will be completely sure in your mind that your data is safe, even if someone gets your phone, all they get is just the hardware and not the data.

If you get your lost phone finally, you alone can get access by opening it via, remember the fact that you can install apps, ring, lock, and wipe your phone straight from the website?

  • Breathing light for notifications like in the Symbian

This is already said, wouldn’t it be sweet if your capacitative windows key flashes now and then if you have a notification yet to be seen by you, while your screen is off in the peek mode of the glance screen?

  • Full blown backup

The title says it all, a full backup via a desktop application or via cloud (is that is possible). Press backup under the settings, and in your new phone press restore, and voila! All the apps, setting, files, and even the order and size of the pinned live tiles are restored! Imagine what a boon it’d be for reviewers, they just have to restore and their all new windows phone given by the pr guys for them to review is good to go. And for an average consumer he doesn’t have to go through eons of time trying to get his phone from a Windows Phone to his phone. I mean from factory settings to his own mobile.

  • Vibration intensity

God bless your dirty mind! No this is not that thing and not that vibration, hell no!  I am talking about how good it would be if you can alter the vibration intensity levels of the phone? Like low intensity while pressing back buttons and high intensity during a incoming voice call and alarms.

  • Alarm should ring even if the phone is switched off

All we have is nowadays is a unibody device and a sealed battery. Batteries will worn out of life span in around 3 years as you all know or depending on the charging cycles it has undergone. Every night my phone is switched on for like 6-7 hours just so that my alarm would work in the morning. If they change the way the OS works to keeping a single thread running all the time which will take care of the alarms. I mean even Symbian had it from 1889BC :/ 6-7 hours of device on time can be saved a single night, and three years has 1,095 nights. 6,570 hours of device on time can be saved! Which means my battery would last even longer!

If they can put it into a ultra low power consumption mode where nothing, absolutely nothing is running by the Snapdragons except for the alarm thread.

  • Yes, this is from Samsung

Multi window for 1520 and 2520. I know RT and WP will be a single thing. So this makes sense for lager than 5” displays, I guess.

  • Landscape tiles

Why should tiles be portrait only?

  • Use that damn search button for good

Universal search! Tap the physical hardware capacitive search button and you can type in anything from contacts, web search, apps, notes inside OneNote, music… Anything which is inside your phone! ANYTHING PERIOD.

  • Integration between IE PC & IE WP

What if I can push any open tab to my phone, straight from my pc/Surface/laptop/netbook/ultrabook/pet dog? Okay, except pet dog.

This is all that I can think of rigt now. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts down in the comments. Share it, its free 😉 And I will update this post if I think of something new other than the said and done, above.

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