Dear big apps, i fking don’t get it.

I am app satisfied with my Windows Phone. But for the ones who NEEDS only the official app, and when it is not available for the platform, when they say,

“Low market share, we cannot make apps until market share grows”

I fking don’t get it. See Android has 80% > market share, where as iOS has just aroung 12% and WP is at 4%. If really “low market share, we cannot make apps until market share grows” is true, why do you make apps for iOS, its just 12%, just make apps for Android, because it has 80% and above, 68% difference, yet you make apps for iOS but not for WP and say a stupid non true reason, and the difference between iOS and WP is just 7%. 68% versus 7%, isn’t it the truth apparent?

Okay forget mobile, take computers. Mac has just 6% of PC  while the majority of 90% and above is Windows PC, why the f you make applications for Mac? why oh why you moron? double you h why?

I know why, cause fking Apple fanboys and iSheeps. its not the # that counts, its how they use them, how often it is used, and what revenue it gets you.

Say “I don’t give a shi to WP, i am a droid fanboy, or i’m an iSheep and will make apps just for my platform” and its cool. Be man enough to say it, don’t give excuses, say it. Begin honest is a virtue.

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