I’m not guilty of not buying apps anymore

This is a joke, perhaps a subtle way of saying the hard truth.

 “Mommy, where do apps come from? 

 Apps comes from magical developer fairy who has no bills to pay, has no job, and give away his hard work and bread winner for free, my baby

 This one struck me hard, like really hard. I only have a Maestro card, which has no CVV & expiration date, hence i cannot connect it to my wallet and use it.

 Till then i was okay with ad supported apps. Free apps are different like Fb app etc, they are not indie developers who has to rely on the app revenue to make a living. Then the very next day, i went to the bank, and applied for a Visa platinum card, so that i can link if with my phone and use it. To help the devs who help my platform, who gave me those lovely apps that i use day after day.

 The first few apps that i will buy is as follows, i will keep buying apps from now onwards, now i feel relieved. A strange feeling.

  • 6tag

  • Music Import

  • Peregrine

  • Battery

  • SysApp Pusher

  • SNUpload

  • Infinite Buffer

 Never felt bad when pirating with PC’S right from OS to applications, but phone changed that ideology. Will buy whatever app that i use on a daily basis, will keep on buying as much i can afford.

 And people who’re reading this outside US. Don’t take me wrong, its just $0.99 you can say. But that’s ₹55 for me. Just think if you’ll pay $55 for an app, that is exactly what people feel back here. I mean ₹55 is not a big money, not at all. Hell no, but our minds are hardwired to privacy that we think that paying for these is something that we do not give much thought about paying. But we easily spend much more easily in real life.

 And note that the top at the list is 6tag, off course we have the official app for free. But Rudy, a man who left his job to develops for WP, that guts and sheer brilliance of his app is what made me buy it as a very first purchase of a software. Aside the WP OS which i paid for unlike Android.

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