One sleep deprived night.

One sleep deprived night, is all what it took, for me to come up with the following. Last night i did not feel like sleeping, and i just sat back and started thinking, and all these below just flowed. Hope you like it.


“Life is fast, in it out memories last.”

“Its not about attendance, but presence.”

“We can never lose it all, until we lose our existence. “

“When things around you fall apart, be glue.”

“You never need to be brave, not having fear is enough,
You never need to be happy, just smiling is enough. “

“Intuition, he’s a bad ass.”

“There is nothing everlasting, it just happens to last more than you do.”

“I can never be sure about tomorrow, unless i reside in Australia.
Geography is a bitch, time difference is a witch.”

“Never look back, there’s a reason you don’t have eyes in your rear.”

“Home is where you can walk around even in pitch dark. Unless you work for MI6, CIA, RAW, FBI, NSA, DOD, Black Opps, Seal, SWAT.”

“Jarvis never asked Tony Stark what is intercourse, that level of self learning is true artificial intelligence.”

“Sadness is just the antonym of happiness, take it easy.”

“Creating something is always a bit difficult, except for creating truth. Lying is just creating truth.”

“Machines are like humans nowadays capable of anything, but we humans are living machine lifes increasingly. “

“Summer is a sin, Winter FTW.”

“Getting drunk & drown is pretty similar, after either you won’t know what dafaq happens.”

“You only fall after unbalance, which means when you fall in love. Till then you’re life was perfectly balanced.”

“The love a dog has for a cat, is still a better love story than Twilight. “

“There is night, there is day & there is also Internet.”

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