Microsoft can learn a thing or two from Android.

Google Now is a great thing for searching, i am not stating the part that allowing Google to spy on your life and to search tailor made, ads tailor made. I am just saying the ability to say something like Okay Jarvis, and to say the search phrase. I hope this comes with Cortana. There is one thing that bugs me like hell.

Windows Phone 8 tracks your location every 30 minutes. But why? why oh why you have to randomly track me and waste my battery too in the process when i have no use from it. Even if we say that is used to swiftly provide apps with your last recent location, which doesn’t make sense anyway, because i can be somewhere else inbetween two 30 minute location reading and when an app requires location data, my current location at that time alone is used and the 30 minute once taken reading is of no use, like NO USE AT ALL.

Meanwhile take Google Now’s inbuilt Pedometer it tracks location similar to what Windows Phone does, but it gives us a report where we can see where we have been lately. Its quite useful afterall. All i want is a similar service from Microsoft otherwise do not check for location every 30 minute and waste my battery.

The above image is a Google Now Pedometer card, it makes use of the location data it periodically collects! But Windows Phone doesn’t do that, then what is the use of it? Helping NSA to track me once every 30 minutes? No, stop helping NSA and instead help me, thank you.

Meanwhile i was playing with my Windows Phone & Google 😀

Google Now  WP




And hey i need a physical Windows Phone logo, either it be a windows phone logo or a miniature lumia model itself. People always place mini droid bots when they do reviews, i want to have a windows stuff there!

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