How to activate Voicemail in Airtel

To activate voicemail in Airtel dial *321*671#

Confirm the activation in the follow up request by sending 1

Dial 52555 and press 9
Now dial 1 followed by 7 to record your message

Confirm it by saving, you’ll be asked to do it.

Press 5 to hear the current recording, 7 to record a new message, and 9 to go back to main menu of voicemail

Now after setting the message for your voicemail and coming back to the main menu by pressing 9 in the previous stage, you can now press 2 to change your language, 3 to change your mailbox name (which is for your private use, voicemail box name won’t be available to the caller) and 4 to set a password to access the voicemail (in order to prevent others from using the voicemail who have access to your phone. Say for instance your friends)

And you have successfully set voicemail for your Airtel, from now onwards if you’re unreachable or if you do not answer a call, your caller will be directed to the voicemail.

To hear the voicemail’s you have received, dial 52555 and enter the 4 digit numerical password you have previously set.
Voicemail is a free service unless you are in roaming, which in case you are, dial +919840011999 instead of 52555.

Guess this is the first online resource regarding this issue, if you’re gonna copy the info above please do source this original article back 😊

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