I am now a Microsoft Student Partner

I am so happy, perhaps the best thing ever happened in my student life! I have been selected as an MSP [Microsoft Student Partner], got this news today [17th April 2014] 🙂

I literally can’t express how I feel now by mere words, next step is MVP! Go Microsoft! You can check out my name below

MSP 2014

This is a screenshot of my name mentioned in the MSP 2014 list, if you wish to check out the actual document itself, you can do that too! Click here for the actual PDF containing the list of MSP’s for the year 2014.

MSP Logo

Wanna know what an MSP title is? Check this awesome animation below

Another awesome animation, on the same

 See what an MSP is all about, straight from themself, the Microsoft!

I am so grateful to Arun Hariharan for helping me all the way, and i’d like to take this moment to thank him 🙂


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