keyboard ‘n’ Mouse

Keyboard & Mouse –  The unsung heroes

If you have a laptop/Ultrabook/netbook/tablet alone and never owned a desktop, quit now! If you’re lucky to have a desktop, read on.

I was one of you guys, i never really cared about the peripherals of my pc. I used to have a wireless keyboard and mouse which came along with my 2006 hp pavilion pc. It was all fine, I never really gave it a damn. Then one fine day my 2006 pc became too old even to run daily tasks like a browser. I upgraded my pc all by myself, and that is the point where I sat and looked back at my keyboard and mouse.

It was quite dusty underneath the keys. I was already feb up of recharging the batteries for them every night or the other. Mouse was dying even faster than the keyboard. At this point is that i realised that how on earth didn’t i realise the worth of them! There is a saying that you don’t appreciate a things value unless you miss them, or if you don’t even have them. Its so true, now that I have a new Logitech K120 and Microsoft Optical Compact 100 PC mouse, i have learnt to appreciate the value of them. A good keyboard makes you type on it more, so here I am blogging this after a long gap. Its been a while since i blogged,  but i’m gonna start again 🙂

A picture of the hardware I’ve mentioned above, in its place 🙂



This was created on 7th April 2014, the day I got my keyboard. Unfortunately, due to some undesirable circumstances as mentioned in the video, i just got my keyboard this afternoon i.e, 18th April 2014, and hence publishing the post just now 😦

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