I’m moving over to Vodafone from Airtel and here’s why

I’m moving over to Vodafone from Airtel and what can Airtel possibly learn from it

I was a loyal Nokia & Airtel user since my first mobile phone a Nokia 6030 in Silver White back in 2008. (Actually not Nokia, I still own 4 working and often used Nokia’s, so its just “I was a loyal Airtel user”) It was great, and its okay now too. Below is my problem and the reason for my switch to Vodafone. Do let me know in the comments that what do you feel about Vodafone worldwide and Airtel wherever it has business. 

Airtel is good, seriously its fine. The problem is part on me and a part on Airtel. My side is that I live in South Boag Road (near Venkat Narayan Road), T.Nagar, Chennai. It’s the center of the city, its dense and crowed and packed like hell. And I happen to live in the first floor (above the ground floor dear Brits), as I said its packed.  Since I have concrete cemented building with people and stuffs in it, I get it its hard for Airtel’s signals to reach me. And this is were Airtel’s fault starts, they don’t have a BSS for my area. The nearest Airtel towers are from Teynampet or Nandanam. Both which are quite far from my residence! Its understandable that it is obviously hard to reach for the signals that too in my bottom antenna mounted phone. But Vodafone has not only have several BSS for T.Nagar but it happens to have a dedicated tower just to my street. Just for my street which covers the entire stretch of the South Boag Road. Now that’s a major point where Airtel missed me.

So the thing is if I’m inside my home, there are certain places, if where I kept my phone I will have 2G 0 – 3 bars of signal outta 4. Mostly between 1 and 2, and it drops like hell to 0. So I always miss calls for those times I rarely happen to get one and my phone’s battery works hard to get a network fix. So after a period of time, I started to use flight mode! And my friends started to complaint that I am unreachable and all they can hear is my recorded voice from my voicemail. It went to an extent that I have to decide.

Airtel has amazing signal all over the places I have visited except for my home, but hey that’s where it matters the most for me! And that’s where Vodafone and Aircel excels. Aircel sucks because its only a national player, and Kalanidhi Maran has some political issues with it, so I can’t risk jumping into something that may be closed shut by government tomorrow when I wake up. Moreover, Vodafone is a global player, and has higher 3G data speeds for the same cost of airtel. With airtel, I just got 2MBps down and 0.28MBps up in peak traffic and 6MBps down and 0.9MBps up in un peak times. This is when I was outside of my home but still stationary. So clearly, it was enough for me to make the switch mentally. I am still stuck in moving because I have to cut my sim into a micro sim, but that’s gonna happen very soon.

Both have Twitter handles to whom can I ask for help, if I needed any. And the My Vodafone site is better than Airtel, and hey I love dogs and find zoo zoos funny. I get full 2G from Vodafone when I’m inside and it also goes to 3G to 2-3 bars outta 4 at times, it stays there if I am near the windows or something, and moves back to 2G when I further go inside my home. Either way I have connection and I will be available to take calls. And 3G has no issues as soon as I go near my porch or kitchen which has large window openings. 3G is good all over when I’m outside too, so it all made sense to me. And I also had issues at times getting SMS from US for the times I happen to want to get codes for 2FA. Vodafone rocked in this area too.

But i’m having this number since 2008 and i always have a balance higher or around ₹200 with all the VAS from Airtel, using MNP now is not an option for me, because of this! So my long time secondary # whom i haven’t shared with anyone now becomes my primary # and my primary is now secondary. I will still have it in two different phones though!

So here am I, kindly change your contacts in your phone from my airtel # to me newly selected as primary Vodafone #. Save +918939273234 [Vodafone] as primary & +919789006605 [Airtel] as secondary. Thanks for listening to me humans, and no i don’t give a fuck about sharing my # here in public. I’m a male anyway, its not that often i get calls from strangers and even if i get one, its not something that i would care for 😀 .

 QR Code of my new VCard:


qrcode 2014 Voda 300

2 thoughts on “I’m moving over to Vodafone from Airtel and here’s why

  1. What I find amazing is your extremely logical reasoning for switching from one provider to another (usually people are just frustrated and vent about it in their blog)
    What I find really weird (or rather sets my teeth on edge) is the use of small ”i” throughout your blog…..I would expect it from ppl who rite lik dis but not from someone who takes the time to write ”and” !
    What I find totally confusing is your alternating proficiency in English (some parts are really good and some parts have really basic grammatical errors), sometimes its like 2 different people have written it.

    And finally what I find totally stupid about this comment is that I have absolutely nothing to stay about either Airtel or Vodafone (I use a different provider), so feel free to judge me and/or delete this comment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First of all, after this comment i just read what i’ve written. And god I should have proof read this stuff 😦 Full of errors.

      And yes, I get it. I was in a hurry. But anyway, a mistake is a mistake whatever it is.

      Not at all, I just asked for a comment if the readers (if they exist) are using either of them. And I won’t delete your comment 🙂 Freedom of speech is something that I believe in.


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