Why I will have the English flag up, on the Independence Day of India.

I was doing my work, then those people started coming in from all places. Pouring in, I should say. They sent me this same script which reads something that intends “Please change your display/profile picture from now until the Independence Day to celebrate our Independence Day on 15th of August”. And I saw 80% of people in my timeline/feeds changing their pictures the very next day this message was roaming in social media. I decided to act!

I wonder who started this messaging chain. It started with WhatsApp then it became ubiquitous in my social medias. See I don’t mind a message like this, but when everyone starts sending this to me and changing their pictures to flags, it irritates me the way a old school SMS scam spam message would do. So I though of reacting to all these morons, by doing something the exact opposite. I’m gonna have the British flag along with their SAS (which I’m a big fan of) until 15th of August.

I am not an anti-Indian anyway here. Listen, I love my country, I am proud that I am an Indian and I have no issues with that. I stand for my country, I will always do. But what this flag profile picture implies? You never care for your country and all of a sudden during the Independence Day you’re a fucking patriot? You put up the national flag as your picture, so that I will think that you treasure your country? Hell No! you moron, hell no!

I respect my country and the countless lives people have sacrificed for its wellness and independence. I stand up when ever the national anthem sings somewhere. I respect others. I give my seat to the old folks who are finding it hard to stand on my daily commute even though me knee pains like crap, because I can bear that but they cannot. I love stray animals. I raise my voice and when necessary my hand when someone says something untrue about my country. I do this anytime of the year, not like you for a showoff once in a year to gain attention. So go ahead and judge me, I don’t give a fuck. I will be having the English flag on my Independence day. God & I know that, unlike you outside, I love my country deep within not just for a day, but forever. Having the English flag will not make me any less of a patriotic citizen, having the Indian flag will not magically and suddenly make you someone who cares for his country.





Screen Shot 08-10-14 at 02.27 PM 001 Screen Shot 08-10-14 at 02.27 PM

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