List of Podcast to listen to – My 100th blog post

Hey guys, I am happy & amazed to see that I have reached a milestone of 100 posts in this blog of mine 🙂 Feeling crazy! So I thought let this post be quite informative. These are the podcast I listen too and you should too!

Podcast List at random:

Tech News 2Night –

Tech News Today –

This Week in Tech –

Windows Weekly –

What The Tech –

Pocketnow Weekly Podcast –

The 361 Degrees Podcast –

Security Now –

Triangulation –

TechStuff –

Know How –

The Podcast –

The AnandTech Podcast –

Engadget –

Let’s Talk About Tech –

Click –

All About Windows Phone Insight –

Get-Fit Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips –

The Vergecast –

WPCentral Podcast –

Apple Keynotes –

Engadget Mobile – or or

The Verge Mobile Show –


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