I apologize, Taylor Martin.

I always hated you & Jaime. Thought that you are a little biased on the Apple side, meanwhile felt the rest of the PocketNow team as neutral. And also MF was the king of videos and no one else can make videos that fun. The thing is, I never saw you as a person. For me you are an Apple fan and I hated you. And when you left PN, I was like OMG thanks, GTFO and never return!

I was so wrong and I apologize, Taylor Martin.

I just checked out MOD and I found myself surprised as I really felt you should be fine with your life in this point in time. And I was like, what the fuck! I hated this guy just few days back. MOD changed me a little. I saw your girlfriend, I saw the personal side of a man called Taylor. At this point, I didn’t give a shit about what ecosystem he uses and what he thinks about it.

I was in the right track. And then this happened, the podcast. People please listen to this!

What did you want to be as a kid?

[SoundCloud link]

The drugs, and recovering from it and everything made me realize one thing. That life is too complicated to have an ecosystem war and hatred. Now I like you for who you are and I wish good stuffs to happen in your life. You did nothing harm to me, we don’t know each other personally, yet its funny how I hated you lately. It got me thinking about life and how love & doing what you love matters. And also how this ecosystem war shouldn’t matter at all.

Perhaps this post is crap, but I felt like I should communicate this to you. Can’t tweet this whole thing, so just writing this here. That said, It still gives me mad rage when The Verge acts like that Apple is the only thing in the world and nothing else matters. Perhaps this ecosystem war will never go away, but I have learned to be a fan and not a fanboy indirectly from you and somewhat from Paul Thurrot.

And I really wish to see you in PocketNow weekly whenever possible, bet PN won’t resist at all :).

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