Aeries – The Twitter app that Windows Phone deserves

I was lucky to be in the beta and take my word for it. ₹235 is a great price to pay for universal app with instant notifications. Not to mention this is for now a one time fee. For the app’s UI & UX, take my word for it. You don’t need a trial. If you want a Twitter app for Windows, Aeries is the one.


“Aeries is not for you? Please support Windows Phone Developers. Links other Twitter Clients.”
You stand right there, Brad!

Have tried Twabbit, TFWP, Peregrine, Mehdoh, Gleek, Ocell, Rowi, MeTweets and all the clients ever existed for WP. Peregrine was my fav so far and now the throne is for this app. I’d still always have and use Peregrine too though, Morten.

Tried Tweetium too, but its not my thing. Recurring charges is another no for me. I’d like to pay and I paid for Aeries. But Recurring charges are a no no for me. Thankfully, Aeries is something that I like and also atleast for now, its a one time payment.

Love Aeries!

Beta App link which will go down soon – Aeries Beta

Public Store App – Aeries

And when I said trust me you don’t need a trial for this. I meant it, if not I won’t buy this first hand.

Here is my Aeries settings, if you wish to set up the app exactly like mine 🙂

Black theme

Image size – Low

Font size – Mid

Square Images

Bold Text

Inline Images

Icon Headers

Hide page titles

Phone accent color

Hide app bar on scroll

Live tile

Save Read Position

Cache size – 100

Sections – Mentions, Home, Messages, RT, Me, Navigation

Single Tap – Open Tweet Actions

Double Tap – RT

Tap & Hold – View tweet details

YouTube – myTube!

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