Samsung Galaxy S6 – Initial Thoughts

I’m no hater of Samsung. My SSD is from them, my next monitor might be from them. I just hated crap mobile h/w till now. But Crap is gone & cool is in, in the Next Galaxy.

The video from Lew is great. Here are my thoughts about the next Galaxy. And I will not own a Galaxy apart from the old S3 I have. I just appreciate good mobile hardware. And no, I’m not leaving Windows Phone unlike others, my heart is still with WP and not with Android and certainly not with the iCrap.

The following are from the video of Lew and I am still wondering about the Camera and the OS/Skin, of how much near stock it will be. And also if Samsung’s apps will be replaced with Microsoft’s while still having Play Store.

Thank you, Lew:


  • Qi Wireless Charging might get a boost as Samsung sells volumes now. Android guys buy Samsung. Android = TouchWiz for many.
  • Gorilla Glass 4 with Oleophobic Coating hopefully.
  • Aluminium Frame.
  • Sleek and Sexy design overall.
  • Edge looks so cool till the fingerprint sensor.
  • No removable back cover. No duplicate batteries.
  • No SD card. So no crappy UX with Class 4 or Class 6 SD cards.
  • Better fingerprint scanner, or so they say.
  • 3Gb main memory for JAVA’s crap collection.
  • 5.1 ” & not a phablet.


  • The Edge’s bottom looks like aa iPhone rip off. I mean look at that freaking placement of the headphones and the style, color of them.
  • The Edge’s bottom looks like it has no business with the top display. Its awkward.
  • No removable back cover.
  • No SD, so no expansion. Have to pay high ₹ for 32Gb or 64Gb out of the box.
  • Leftside volumer rocker.
  • Exynos.
  • Not a phablet.
  • 1440 display instead of 1080

Thanks to @unboxtherapy 

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