Speculations on the path to Windows 10

How Microsoft sends out Windows 10 to the masses is still a mystery. Or is it?

Live ID & the way to subscription

You have a genuine copy of Windows whatever that can be upgraded to Windows 10 whatever. You get Windows 10 or something that makes it easy to get Windows 10 in place your existing installation of Windows easy.

You get Windows 10. What if you wish to do a fresh install or just install 10 in a new PC? Perhaps it will link into your Microsoft Live ID and all you need is that. This is the best way to move Windows 10 into a subscription service like Office 365, if at all Microsoft has a plan of such kind.

Fucking free for everyone in the first year

Which is not happening, as we already know non-genuine copy will a watermark in the desktop and all other kinds of annoyance.


As mentioned in the first point, if they know you have a genuine key that has been just used once, or within the limits within the same PC hardware. You get a similar key for Windows 10 installations.


Obviously, but this is not for all. Mine ends on 30th June 😦

Nothing else comes up to me now. What do you think on this?

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