Microsoft might have a chance of saving Qualcomm’s 810

Microsoft might have a chance of saving Snapdragon 810 with Windows Mobile.
I’m talking about the heat issues of Snapdragon 810 and how Windows Mobile may overcome it.

We all know Android, by the very way it works is not that much efficient. Java as a language and emulation when compared to native code compiling is not efficient. We have Android flagships that throttles a lot and the 810 chip supposedly heats up too much and thus throttles itself often. I was just wondering what will Microsoft do with this and why they choose this chip especially for the next Windows Mobile flagships (rumoured, but I strongly believe in those rumours ) even after knowing it may or may not have issues.


What if, Microsoft can have no issues with this chip and save Qualcomm and perhaps show how less efficient Android is? Because take a look at how a Windows Phone runs with the same hardware when compared to an Android experience in the very same hardware, right now. No one can argue that Windows Phone can run more smoothly than the Android counterpart.

Given that with DirectX, Microsoft can achieve more integration with the hardware and the way the OS works is by practice, more efficient than Android. Windows Mobile is an operating system that is designed from the ground up to do more with less. I guess Windows Mobile flagships can run normally and save the bad reputation that the Snapdragon 810 has right now. Just guessing, let us see 🙂

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