All About Me – Info and Insights

Here is where you can find me in the wide world of Internet

Technical Support Consultant at Intuit. Nokia/Microsoft evangelist and Microsoft Student Partner. Was an editor of Nokia Tips & freelance blogger at myAppFree . Techie & a geek, Blogger, active Facebooker & TweepYouTuber. Computer Science Engineering graduate. Listener & one who appreciates of good Music, Motorbike lover & highly skilled biker. Not so skilled WP dev, more interested on Web Development. Empath & reserved introvert until a need arises to open up, an INFP basically. Sometimes i act as an ISFP too, but that is once in a blue moon. Resides at 13.03273° 80.24073° or 13°01’57.8″ 80°14’26.24″.

I know these:

  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

And i’m actively learning these:

  • CSS3
  • Ruby
  • Phython

Born & brought up in Chennai, knows English & Tamil fluently, and can understand Hindi & French to an extent. Owns a black Nokia Lumia 830, Black Nokia Lumia 720 with a Red CC-3064 Wireless Charging Cover, yellow DT-900 & a Coloud Boom, Black Nokia WH-208, Black Nokia Lumia 520, Black Nokia N70 Music Edition, Metal Grey Nokia C3-01, Black Nokia Xpress Radio, Silver Nokia 6030 and finally a Samsung Galaxy S3 International Version with Exynos. Airtel and Nokia user since 2003, now with Vodafone. Procrastinator at times. Black, Red & Blue are my pick when it comes to color. Vegetarian, except for eggs. Loves winter as much as I hate summer. A Photographer & Singer when there’s ample time and no one around. I stick with the truth, no sugar-coating the words! Movie fanatic and not to mention that I’m worried that I might have joined the Forever Alone army!

Power user who also does tech support during leisure. Developers in a need of early adopters or serious beta testers, can ping me (especially in the Windows Phone arena) love to help fellow coders, as I always respect the time and effort they give in to create something worthwhile in the sands of time.

One thought on “All About Me – Info and Insights

  1. Hi Karthik,

    I came to know about you via when you complimented my profile (

    As you saw in the profile, I am working as a senior software engineer in a IT firm in Chennai and I am also running my own e-commerce business in India. Right now in India we are expanding and we are looking for some sharp and ambitious people to set up a team in Chennai.

    I’d like to talk to you regarding this. If you are interested to know further, do leave a text message or whatsapp me @ 9952827211



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