The amusing weekend of Shape of Water & Black Panther

This weekend was awesome! Let me tell you about my thoughts on the movies Shape of Water & Black Panther & something personal from my professional & personal life. I recommend watching both of the said movies wholeheartedly! And a little caution first hand, that you’d be greeted with the storyline & spoilers for Shape of Water alone. I’m giving SoW a 10/10 and BP 8/10.

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IT (2017) – Quick Thoughts

IT talked about bullying, standing up against it and for our loved ones/innocents. How slut shaming can affect the life of a girl. Bad parenting. Fear and the need to face it. Courage, friendship and love.

It’s emotionally good, cinematography & music is on point. Framing, casting & acting is excellent.

Unlike Conjuring which gives away the jump scare screen through framing, this one is genuinely scary in an unpredictable manner.

It has very few flaws for me which can be neglected in the long scheme of things.

I highly recommend watching IT; 9/10.


Today I spent time with Fonts.

Knew Serif & Sans Serif; learnt about humanistic fonts, fonts that scale & looks nice in digital.

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Connectivity Rant

I am an Airtel India​ user since 10-May-2008. Made it secondary and switched to Vodafone India​ as my primary carrier 18 months before.

Airtel has poor signal inside my house. They said due to lack of demand, no signal booster will be given. Hence the switch to Vodafone.

Recently, during the Chennai floods Airtel was working far early and went down later than Vodafone. This has me looking into Airtel again.

Airtel has 4G. However, there is no 3G or 4G signal inside my house located in 1st floor in T.nagar, near Nandhanam Signal. I wish to go back to Airtel after the floods, but signal is an issue.

Vodafone is brining 4G but god knows when will Chennai get it. Vodafone has good 3G coverage inside my house and overall its great! At times, I won’t get any signal in the basement of my office in Velachery, but that is fine. In my home & outside, it serves me good. Data speeds are also good. But the lack of network trust, i.e going down as the first and coming back up as the last network is making me worry.
Here by concluding my connectivity rant :/

OnePlus Power Bank

Pictures of OnePlus Powerbank

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