Microsoft Office 2013 won’t start because of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.

This is what i have sent to the Malwarebytes, read on and you’ll know. If this Support Page‘s content doesn’t help, and you have Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit installed, and thee office’s word, power point and excel won’t start, just stop its protection while you want to use the office and start the protection back when you’re done with office. The following is my report to Malwarebytes this morning.


My Powerpoint, Word and other Office 2013 Professional Plus suite was working fine, and suddenly it stopped opening. A windows error report would be logged which just notified of an error and not the case. I reinstalled the OS twice, and repaired the Office installation twice and reinstalled the Office once, yet it just won’t start, i can’t even see the splash scree, then i finally found out today that the Anti-Exploit Beta is the one which is causing it. Once i stopped the protection, it opened just as before. And i don’t see a way to add Word, Excel and Powerpoint to the exclusion list. Please blog about this issue so that others can know about this, and kindly look into this issue.