Annoyances of Windows Phone – Updated

This is about what i feel that is really lacking and kind of dumb on Windows Phone.

  • Pause and Zoom in:

Pausing a video while shooting it and Zooming in while shooting is a no brainer. This is by far the most stupid thing i have seen in my phone. Yes, i love Windows phone, have 720 and a 520. But that doesn’t mean that i should shut and to not disclose the shortcomings of my platform.  As a YouTuber wannabe who doesn’t have any other camera, but has the talent (i think so, maybe not) and the passion, i thought i can film stuffs once and i got my 720 as soon as i got released back in the April, in India. But only to realise that the pause and zoom is just not their! Off course, iOS just got in-video zooming months back, and Symbian/Android is a whole different level of Open System. But WP, is a sucking jerk in this department. Please someone seeing this tell the guys behind WP to change this ASAP.

I will get a killing urge when i am shooting a great video and at the last moment someone calls me, or some neighbourhood baby (literally babies, not girls.. yes, you guessed it, forever alone 😦 ) screams, or someone calls me for some errands. I mean if i had pause, i will just pause and continue, but now i will either leave the idea of shooting that video or i have to re-shoot it from the start, which you might have guessed it by now, a pain in the rear.

  • Have to manually on the Bluetooth prior initializing the transfer, and NFC is not just tap & send, its go to options, go through multiple taps and then finally send it! And also if you own multiple Windows Phone devices, all their names will be just windows phone.

I mean this is crazy, i should either keep the BT on all the time killing the battery, i mean its BT 4.0 LE, but still… why the heck should i manually activate BT if i want to send something? The way it should be is, if i choose to send something via BT the OS should recognize that i am trying to send a goddamn thing out and should auto activate BT sans any pop-up’s (exception for paring, searching etc, its obvious! The scenario i am saying is when i already got a device paired) and connect, send, and deactivate BT and go do what it was doing prior. And also i am sending a fil from another device and i have my 520 and 720, when i search for my 720 intending to send a file to it, i’ll see two “windows phone” in the search result, and i will have no idea of which is 720 and which is 520, Unless i rename it via PC.

  • Video Calls via Network

Yes, people use Skype and stuffs and the front cam works well enough for that. But, when i have some thing why shouldn’t i  able to use it? Video calls via networks is a thing i need.

  • Ability to adjust the vibration intensity

No explanation needed, i hope.

  • IE probs

You cannot separately delete the history, cookies, cache, saved data and stuffs separately. I don’t need the history, cache and temporary files at all, but need my login’s and site preference and cookies. But if i want to  delete any one, i have to sacrifice all! And the temp files will easily go to 200MB + after a little browsing :/

And the lack on password manager, too.

  • Operator Billing

I seriously wish to pay for the software i use, i wanna help developers for their hard work. But i only have a debit card and many in India don’t even have a card! Nokia Store had operator billing and the base price for the apps was 5 INR. This should happen, i mean the operator billing. I wanna pay from the deep of my heart to NextGen Reader and many many more apps, but i just can’t.

I am fine with toast and tile notifications 🙂 but if i miss the toast and didn’t pin the app to the homescreen, R.I.P that notification, its forever lost.

  • Other storage bug

This picture will tell what i am suffering, freaking other storage bug is killing my poor 8GB internal memory 😦

You see i get the point that giving a file manager will destroy the security of the OS and people will make Windows Phone a Android. But giving a file manager which will only allow viewing, transferring, renaming, deleting etc to the files on the SD card. And for the devices like 920/925 with no expandable storage, why not give users access to all except the C:// drive?

  • Closing an app

Either developers should be able to give this “options -> close/exit” inside their apps or the OS should implement down swipe the app to close like in Windows 8. To experience the annoyance of what i am saying simply use IE for a while and without closing the tab just use back key to exit, or better yet browse for a while in the Facebook for Windows Phone app and then use the back key to exit. You’ll die in frustration.

  • Hiding settings for stuffs deep down under
  • Find, Lock and Ring thing never works, like never.

Enough said

I request you to visit for some pictures 🙂

[P.S: Yes, i know there is operator billing, Amber to solve Other storage bugs, and the notification center has been planned, closing apps in the multitasking view is arriving in GDR3 which is already under testing etc etc… but i wrote the post in context of 9th Spetember 2013! This day, the above things are not yet solved! And yes, i am due to receive Amber!]