My take on the Nokia’s event at the MWC 2013

This post is all about my take on the almost impeccable event of the Nokia held at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 2013. And the personal highlight is off course the Nokia Lumia 720. So go grab a pop-corn and sit back in your couch and proceed.

Throughout the post i’d quote people, the exact quote as much as possible and at some instance, the exact message of it.

Begin different for the sake of beign different, is not interesting

Marko Ahtisaari.


Nokia 301 is a personal choice

-Marko Ahtisaari.

People with distinct color phones are likely to recommend it to thier friends, says statistics

-Marko Ahtisaari.

Nokia 301:

  • HD voice
  • 3.5G
  • Whatsapp with two dual sim support  
  • panoroma shot
  • Voice promted self-shot
  • Slam
  • Super Speakers  

And all this for 65 €!

2.7 billion people are still without a mobile phone and Nokia 101 is 15

 -Marko Ahtisaari.

 Nokia 105:

  • Splash and dust proof keypad
  • Flashlight
  • Charge it, just once a mont! (yes, you read it right. Once a month)

Nokia Lumia 520:
The Lumia portfolio has too been updated. Now Nokia Lumia 620 is not the chepeast Lumia, its the Nokia Lumia 520!

  • Exchangeable & colorful back covers
  • 4″ super sensitive screen
  • 1 Ghz processor
  • 8 + 64 Gb 
  • 5mp autofocus with the nokia lenses & photobeamer
  • Nokia Music unlimited
  • Here suite (maps, drive, transit)

Nokia Lumia 720:

This device is the limelight & also the sweet spot, in the Nokia’s Lumia range.
It is perfectly sandwiched between the Nokia Lumia 820 & the Nokia Lumia 620. I was about to get Nokia Lumia 620 as my first smartphone, but this announcement has made me switch my mind. I’m going to get a matte cyan Nokia Lumia 720, & that too as soon as next month (March 2013). Let us see about some of its specifications

  • 4.3″ CBD Curved blackdisplay
  • Super sensitive touch
  • Unibody with microSD support upto 64Gb
  • Nokia Music unlimited (free)
  • Nokia Music + (4 )
  • NFC
  • HD 6.7MP sensor Carl Zeiss optics with f1.9 apperture camera with flash and a HAAC mic near it
  • wide angled HD front facing of 1.3 MP sensor 
  • Place tag app
  • Site app (part of Here suite) 
  • wireless charging via a snap on cover
  • 2000mAh battery (same as Nokia Lumia 920)
  • 128 grams
  • Glam Me
  • Special coating improving viewing angles and helping to be less of a finger print magnet
  • Powered by Qualcomm’s MSM8227 Snapdragon S4 Plus (28nm, 1Ghz dual-core Krait, Adreno 305, BT 4.0 (though 3.0 only given right now), wi-fi a/b/g/n with dual band, HSPA+) it is the same as the one found in the HTC 8S & the home grown Nokia Lumia 620
  • GPS (USA) + Glonass (USSR)
  • Standby 520 hours and a talk time of 13.5 hrs
  • 127.9 x 67.5 x 9mm
  • Gloss (white) and Matte (others)
  • The only phone (till date) to have four physical lenses along with a f/2.4 back side illuminated front HD 1.3MP sensored camera!
  • More details 

[Now i have to tell you this, people buying any other phone other than Nokia, are doing injustice to the idea of owing a Mobile phone itself!]

Introduced/announced in MWC 2013:

  • Wireless charging car holder
  • Here suite for Firefox OS & other WP devices (though it is just to increase the quality of the Here content, the best UX will always be only available in a Lumia
  • Place tag
  • Site App
  • Glam Me
  • Dreamworks partnership
  • Nokia 105
  • Nokia 301
  • Nokia Lumia 520
  • Nokia Lumia 720

The Price tags & availability:
Nokia 105 – 15 euros q1
Nokia 301 – 65 euros q2
Nokia 520 – 139 euro q1
Nokia 720 – 249 euro q1

Do note that they’re all the prices prior to the operator subsidicing and also sans the VAT. So for instance the Nokia Lumia 720 is 17,780 INR, so read it as 19,999 or 18,880/999.

Every Nokian is proud that we’re having the most innovative products

Stephen Elop

We’re leaders of Augumented reality, we just in the young stages, more to come.

Stephen Elop

 Note that the above is said by Nokia’s CEO Mr.Elop when someone asked about Nokia’s hand at Augmented  reality projects like the Google Inc’s Google Glass. So the future do seems interesting! And to add the fact that their was no announcement of the hyper expected 41MP WP Lumia device.

Dual sim will come eventually to Nokia Lumia

 –Stephen Elop

80 million phones sold last quarter

Stephen Elop

Qwerty is losing to full touch

Stephen Elop

So this is what i learnt from watching the 55 mins web caste (fml, i missed the live event cause i was at the college). So see ya folks, will again meet in my post on the Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8 ecosystem, and the Nokia Lumia 720 unboxing shot by Nokia Lumia 920.

More images of Nokia Lumia 720 

Nokia Lumia 720 chic & social

-Rat Kutti.