Bing Saves – Personal Thoughts

I happened to have a little conversations with Mr.Anthony Hanses from the Bing team on Bing Saves, it certainly seems promising for an idea and hope it’d turn out to be a great feature. Its just like Pocket/Instapaper/Readability, its a save for later, but its for the search! Imagine if you search Google and you can save a search result? Exactly! Its from Microsoft Garage and Bing Saves is a team of three! More like a startup. Have also suggested few stuffs like saving Bing Image of the day directly to OneDrive for example. Let’s see what and all is implemented and how it shapes up.

Screen Shot 04-04-14 at 07.35 PM

[P.S: This post has been written on 4th March 2014, and will be published as soon as Bing Saves is official. Not gonna let the word out until the Bing Saves, as a product and as a team, is ready for public launch. Publishing it anyway 😀 Neowin has this posted way before.]


Bing: “We have made the difficult decision to deprecate the Bing Saves (beta) service on April 21, 2014.”

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