myTube for Windows – More than a sneak peak

myTube for Windows

Let’s get few things outta the way first..

  • This is not the final store version. This post was created way before the times when myTube! was made official. Features may or may not be reflected in the store version.
  • Simply put, it’s the same awesome app you can find in Windows Phone store, but just a little bit better.
  • It’s more than a sneak peak. It is a secret time travel powered post.

The large tile should be a live tile when it’s out. And if you are even at least a little smart enough, you’d have got the hint (key.. Ki..) by now, about what’s the other one 🙂


Multiple accounts are supported as usual. Its almost the phone Win RT app which was once a Silverlight. UI is also pretty much the same. It’s also resource lite compared to say a browser running YouTube.


Very clean UI. Annotations and captions for Windows. ANNOTATIONS AND CAPTIONS FOR WINDOWS!!!!


Nice use of space here, as in the phone app. There might be a good use of keyboard shortcuts by the time you see this post.


If you notice, there is a placeholder like stuff visible near the “Subscribed to” icon in the image below. This may look ugly, but trust me! It vividly gives you a sense of where you are pointing/touching.


A total waste of space here. Might have two vertical pane UI. Yes, its an added work to the developer, but it will make the app even more polished. Again, please note that I have no idea right now what the final version will look like. Don’t ask anyone who, how, why, when… Just read on 🙂


It was okay in the phone UI. It kills the eyes on a large monitor. I am talking about the pink color, its just bad on a large screen period. App just works! No complaints on that. Just the color, would love black background with white letters in this pane alone.


Again, same as phone. Which is a good thing!


Again, Annotations and captions for Windows. ANNOTATIONS AND CAPTIONS FOR WINDOWS!!!!


Adapts to all sizes now. No matter if its a 5″ or 17″.


SAP. Same as phone.


SAP. Zap. Wassup 😛 Okay, I admit. It’s not so funny. Alright, it’s not funny at all.


Not gonna show the settings and version number for obvious reasons. But just know that the app completely undergoes the UI characteristics of Windows’s Metro.

Screen Shot 03-24-15 at 11.55 AM

Love you Ryken, for giving Windows Community such an epic app!

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