Apple is feeling the heat like others.

Apple, a name which means fucking best to many. Too has to bow down the market demand for low cost Smartphones! All thanks to Google’s open sourced Android. All other OEM’s like Nokia, Sony, HTC and other players are in a need to push some low cost yet usable Smartphones. But the post is not about that!

This post is all but a reminder that

  • Nokia started the Colors, so please don’t say “Holy Samsung, Apple innovated with colors, now my life is colorful”
  • Apple had a brand value in developing countries only because not every Tom, Dick and Harry can afford it too. Now that value might be gone, if Apple priced it sans eager for your money (read more than what it takes to manufacture a device)
  • Low spec hardware is total crap with Android anyway, so Apple can expect to reap some money here, and hey Nokia, be more aggressive than 520 if at all you can go even further.
  • And the most important matter, iSheeps said that iOS7 looks good, i lived after hearing that, but please don’t say the low priced Apple hardware ‘looks’ good. It looks horrible! Off course its cost cutting, i know, but its way too ugly, i can only imagine what’ll happen if the already ugly iOS7 joins it.
P.S: And no i’m linking any pictures of neither of the iOS7 nor the phone itself, i can’t see that yet another time.

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