Apple Inc – The Arrogant Ass Hole

Caution: iSheeps do not proceed to read the full post!

There are fanboys and then there are iSheeps. iSheeps take fanboyism to a whole new level! I mean no disrespect for the iPhone and other Apple products/services users. Users are mindful people who chose Apple because it just works for them, the way they want and that’s fine. iSheeps are mindless morons who will worship and justify every other crap from Apple. Not even sure how a company that does catching up all the time 24X7 is still relevant and the most looked upon tech firm!

Planned to post about how much The Verge sucks Apple’s nip, but left that idea as the world already knows how much of an iSheeps they are. So just ranting on Apple.

  • BenGate:

I mean a company produces not so great engineered product at an NASA Affordable only price, and world has no complaints! If someone else did this, heck if its a startup its chapter is over.

And then this funny one from Re-Code, just look at the like:dislike ratio and you’ll know

And take a look here for the crazy memes around the internet, glad that people are finally waking up!

Some hilarious BendGate Memes from across the Internet

  • OS/Apps:

Microsoft did zero stuff to justify the marvellous 1520. It was called upon for that, Google did this better! (Cough Samsung) When Apple had the time to learn from Microsoft’s mistake, all they did was to “We’re fucking Apple and no one will question us”. iPhone 6+ has nothing on the OS front to take advantage of the bigger screen. And don’t call an additional pane for the iMessage a work for the extra screen real estate.

And then the iOS 8 Update bricking the phones. You pay $1000 and the company was so dumbass to push an OS update to masses which bricks the phone, and no one complains!

Apple apologises for iOS 8 update bug

Don’t “Reset All Settings” in iOS 8–It Erases Your iCloud Drive

  • Hardware & Ecosystem:

iPhones are nice looking & feelings phones, sure. But is it worth having? One drop and you’re done. Just to market “Look at this thinness” the Camera was protruding and even then, its the same MP. Off course, MP’s alone doesn’t matter, but nothing else is impressive other than the slow motion capture and exposure correction on the fly for iPhones. Just calling iSite won’t make it magically better! Name the lens! Retina display is BS marketing, iPhones’s just got Full HD and HD which was in the market for ages. Every single fucking phone is = or > 300dpi nowadays! And then not complying with the industry standards such as NFC, OIS, qi charging and USB! No for USB, just because they can sell the Lighting Connector & chargers and earn more revenue. NFC & OIS just came in. Still waiting for qi or whatever standard Apple decides to go with. And they never reveal the battery capacity out right, all they say is freaking one-day battery life! STFU and say the mAh and I will know exactly how long it will last based on what I am going to do. And I still wonder why Google is supporting Apple. Remove all Google apps or give a subpar UX for the end user like you’re doing for WP and site Apple’s low market share numbers and look how many new users Android gets from Apple. If not for 3rd party apps, iOS is BS. And when launched the iPad didn’t have the Touch ID which is a brilliant thing happening from Apple, just because it can be a differentiator for the next version. Dirty tricks all over!

  • Security

Be thankful for fappening. If OneDrive, Dropbox, Box or any other cloud service provider was hit by this, they are finished, but not Apple because its Apple.

Apple knew of iCloud API weakness months before celeb photo leak broke

Apple’s Patch Doesn’t Fully Fix The Shellshock Bug Either

  • Self Public Shaming, Stupidity & Arrogance

We all remember Apple production lines running Windows XP. It still runs XP which is outdated and no security is given for it.

CNBC Video


And then when someone speaks up, they revoke their media rights in order to control the media! Better than Hitler &/or US Gov!

Apple boycotts COMPUTER BILD: An open letter to Tim Cook

And ironic that this is from 9to5mac 😀

Seeing Through the Illusion: Understanding Apple’s Mastery of the Media

And if any iSheeps are reading this neglecting the caution from the first line, eat this 😛


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